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Function List
This plugin generates a function list from the edited program source file, and allows to jump to the beginning of the selected function. The logic of this plugin assumes, that the developer adheres to the standard rules of the structural figuration of the source code.
Rating : 0 | Updated : 30-08-2015 | Total downloads : 484

Search And Replace
This plugin module allows You to find and to replace data (any codetable) at once in many files. You can: use it in panels & editor, use regexp, store and use the schemes, determine date and size of files to be processed.
Rating : 0 | Updated : 30-08-2015 | Total downloads : 2234

C source browser
Building functions list in a C (C++) source file or programming project with a possibility to quickly move to selected function. Filtering by first letters in function name.
Rating : 0 | Updated : 26-08-2015 | Total downloads : 549

Referats Search
Search in off-line base referats.txt of site, though can search in any text file. Logical expressions (AND, OR, NOT) support, Ukrainian letters support, results output to another window and more.
Rating : 2 | Updated : 18-07-2011 | Total downloads : 2040

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