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Function List
This plugin generates a function list from the edited program source file, and allows to jump to the beginning of the selected function. The logic of this plugin assumes, that the developer adheres to the standard rules of the structural figuration of the source code.
Rating : 0 | Updated : 30-08-2015 | Total downloads : 1635

This command allows to create multiple directories in one call. Directory names in the list should be separated with ';'. It is possible to specify more complex templates also...
Rating : 42 | Updated : 14-08-2014 | Total downloads : 1734

CD Catalogue
This plugin is designed for the CD-ROM disk catalogizing. Plugin allows to store the full file list from the CD-ROM disk specified in a DIR-file. This file can be browsed later on a Far panel.
Rating : 228 | Updated : 18-07-2011 | Total downloads : 2984

EditCase Extended
This command allows to change the case of characters in the current word under the cursor or in the marked block to one of available formats. Flip latin and rusian register...
Rating : 65 | Updated : 18-07-2011 | Total downloads : 4159

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