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SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 client. Messages format: plain text, HTML, attachment. Support for different encodings. Unlimited quantity of mailboxes. Address book. Resuming download on IMAP4. Filtering messages by header lines.
Rating : 0 | Updated : 24-03-2023 | Total downloads : 2785

Sending messages over a network from FAR. Selecting recipients from a list of all network resources or from user-defined domains. History of 10 last messages. Windows NT only.
Rating : 115 | Updated : 24-03-2023 | Total downloads : 4421

MailView (FARMail addons)
This program can be used to view email message files, extract attached files etc. Its main purpose is to view messages downloaded by FARMail - email plugin for FAR, but of course You can use it with any other messages. It supports text, image, video, audio and application data types, and also multipart messages, including enclosing parts with content-type "multipart". It can decode data in Base64 and quoted-printable.
Rating : 0 | Updated : 31-08-2015 | Total downloads : 3566

C source browser
Building functions list in a C (C++) source file or programming project with a possibility to quickly move to selected function. Filtering by first letters in function name.
Rating : 0 | Updated : 26-08-2015 | Total downloads : 1626

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