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REG files coloring (obsolete)
for Colorer version 3craze (3.666) Importing data from a REG file to the registry regedit does not report any file format errors. It messages "Information in has been successfully entered into the registry" always even if some lines of the REG file have been ignored due to errors. REG.HRC ALLOWS TO AVOID ANY ERRORS DURING THE REG FILE EDITING. The REGEDIT4 format is defined in Reg.Hrc completely. Errors are been marked out by color. Reg.Hrc also operates with keys editing in Registry Browser plugin.
Rating : 11 | Updated : 17-08-2015 | Total downloads : 3280

REG files format
Represents REG files as archives. Contents looks exactly like the registry itself in the Registry Browser plugin. Еxport from the registry HKCU\Software wholly or even HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet and then change something in the system. Now you can compare in neighbor panels what was in the registry with what it has become.
Rating : 10 | Updated : 18-07-2011 | Total downloads : 2512

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