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Title  :  Editor.Block

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Block Manipulator
Plugin increases possibilities of built-in FAR editor when working with blocks:-To Mark beginning/end of utter block-To Mark beginning/end of vertical block-To Move to beginning/end of block-To Change type of block in system clipboard
Rating : 7 | Updated : 18-07-2011 | Total downloads : 3136

This plugin is a beginning of emulation Multi-Edit in FAR editor. Supports following possibilities:shift of chosen block on TabSize-position to the left or to the right; chosen block is moved by keys Alt-F2 and Alt-F3 with using a space keyrememberring a position of cursor; works on the principle of stack: F4 - to save a position in the stack, Shift-F4 - to return on last position.
Rating : 28 | Updated : 18-07-2011 | Total downloads : 2729

Plugin allows to select textual block free size through commands to Begin/Finish a separation, i.e. saves from retaining a key Shift at a moment of separations of block.
Rating : 0 | Updated : 18-07-2011 | Total downloads : 2635

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