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Description:ConEmu is a Windows console emulator with tabs, which represents multiple consoles as one customizable GUI window with various features.
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Authors : Maxim Moysyuk
Categories : Shell, Development, OS/System, Far 3.x, x86, x64, Unicode, ANSI
Detailed description:ConEmu starts a console program in hidden console window and provides an alternative customizable GUI window with various features:

• smooth window resizing;

• several panels in one window;

• GUI apps (i.e. Putty) in ConEmu tab;

• easy run old DOS applications (games) in Windows 7 or 64bit OS;

• tabs for editors, viewers, panels and consoles;

• thumbnails and tiles in FAR manager;

• normal, maximized and full screen window graphic modes;

• window font anti-aliasing: standard, clear type, disabled;

• window fonts: family, height, width, bold, italic, etc.;

• using normal/bold/italic fonts for different parts of console simultaneously;

• cursor: standard console (horisontal) or GUI (vertical);

• for /BufferHeight mode: vertical scrolling using keyboard;

• show full output (1K+ lines) of last command in editor/viewer;

• customizable right click behaviour (long click opens context menu);

• drag and drop (explorer style);

• automatic updates of ConEmu;

• and more, and more... take a look at Settings dialog, WhatsNew-ConEmu.txt and Settings-ConEmu.reg

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