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Title:FastFind Enhanced
Description:Replaces native fast find with a better nicer one.
Total downloads:6033
Forum url:
Plugin homepage url:
Authors : Shmuel Zeigerman, Gleb Varenov
Categories : Shell, Search, Far 3.x, x86, x64, Unicode, Navigate
Programming language : Lua
Detailed description:This plugin replaces default functionality of fast search in file
panels - you can type partial name of a file while holding Alt to
reposition cursor to the file matching a pattern you entered.

In addition to the default features the plugin provides:

- indication of number of files matching prior and following the highlighted (current) one;

- quick shortcut to the first and the last matched elements on the panel;

- auto insertion of an asterisk ('*') as the first character in
a search;

- preference to matches closer to the beginning of a file name, i.e.
'*im' pattern will be matched to 'my images' first and to
'Summercamp.img' second (if disabled then the next matching in the
file list will be selected - default Far Manager behaviour);

- more intuitive scrolling in panels with great number of files;

- alternative handling of non-English input while Alt is held - with
or without using XLat. (Pick the best fitting your locale);

- Fancy 'side stick' dialogue placement.

Far version:3.0.3525
Filename:FastFind Enhanced.7z
Flags  :   x86, x64, unicode, rc, binary, source

Far version:3.0.3817
Filename:FastFind Enhanced.7z
Flags  :   x86, x64, unicode, rc, source, documentation

Far version:3.0.3817
Filename:FastFind Enhanced-
Flags  :   x86, x64, unicode, binary, source, documentation

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