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Description:This plugin allows view contents of Windows Shortcut Files (ones with .lnk extension), as well as create and follow Shortcuts.
Total downloads:8117
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Authors : Stanislav Konovalov
Categories : Tools, View/Edit, Far 3.x, x86, x64, Unicode
Detailed description:The plugin represents an LNK-file as a virtual file system and shows complex objects as folders (and subfolders)
and simple data items as files.

The plugin executes parsing of an LNK-file in strict accordance with [MS-SHLLINK]... but a little bit deeper.

Furthermore, the plugin allows to view contents of Custom Jump Lists (files with the .customDestinations-ms extension).
Besides, it is possible to view contents of Automatic Jump Lists as well.

A few plugin's service functions include: export shortcuts (or jump lists) to a text file, export some shortcuts-related artifacts from the system registry (or standalone hive-file), follow a shortcut (jump to a shortcut destination), create shortcuts and place these into a Favorites Links folder.

Far version:3.0.4040
Flags  :   x86, unicode, rc, binary, documentation

Far version:3.0.4040
Flags  :   x64, unicode, rc, binary, documentation

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