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Title:Extended File Copy (FileCopyEx3)
Description:Plugin for fast copying of files. UNICODE, paraller reading/writing, resuming, queue, etc.
Total downloads:29853
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Detailed description:So, this plugin is designed to implement various perverted fantasies of copying, each of which will accelerate the process for 5% :). At the moment, it implements the basic capabilities, which sometimes quite lacking in standard copyists. (C)

Main features:

* Buffering copy multiple files at once. When we copy small files, instead of individually to read and write each file, we can read a couple of them and then write this files. This reduces the number of movements of heads from source to destination, which is strongly affected when copying between two sections of a hard drive. The idea is taken from DOS Navigator.
* Minimize the fragmentation of copying. When copying large files is large blocks to reduce the number of reallocations of disk space with an increase in file size.
* Optimization for caching. Block sizes for reading and writing are chosen so that the system can cache the data in the most optimal way to copy.
* Parallel copying. Reading and writing simultaneously. This applies when copying data between different physical media, like two hard disks or CD to the hard drive. Maximum performance gain (2 times) can be reached if the reading speed of the original media is equal to the writing speed to destination.
* Support for NTFS: compression and encryption. It is possible to specify whether the copied files to the new location are compressed and encrypted or not. (Encryption support is available only in Windows 2000). The plugin also copies permissions and NTFS streams.
Improved modes overwriting existing files, including appending, automatic and manual renaming. The idea is taken from DOS Navigator.

Far version:3.0.2927
Flags  :   x86, x64, unicode, binary

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