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Title:New and Improved Archive Formats (Custom.ini)
Description:A new version of my Custom.ini file with new archive definitions. This version adds many bugfixes and improvements and over 20 new archiver formats (among the new formats, there are e.g. UUE, MIME 64, Macintosh StuffIt, BinHex... and many others). Note - the formats that are available as bug-free FMT files for FAR are not added to these definitions (that's why, for example, there is no ACE definiton in the file). With this version (and the unpackers present, of course :), your FAR will be able to open over 40 archive formats.
Total downloads:3014
Authors : Jaromir Krol
Categories : Arc.FMTmodule, Far 1.x, x86

Far version:1.70.0
OSes  :   95, 98, NT4, 2000, XP | Flags  :   x86

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