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Description:This plugin allows to rename files and folders according to special coding tables. For example it can be used to change every space in file name to underscore character or change russian file names to translit encoding.
Total downloads:3914
Plugin homepage url:
Authors : Stanislav Mekhanoshin
Categories : Shell, Far 1.x, x86, ANSI
Programming language : C/C++
Detailed description:File and directories rename based on a recode table. One may use it to replace every space to the underscore in a file name, for instance. It can be used to replace cyrillic letters with transliteration table.Recode tables are located at the module's directory and have .tbl extension.FAR Manager 1.70b4 or higher is required.The plugin is freeware, sources are included.The plugin is based on the sources of standard FileCase - to implement it faster.

Far version:1.70.4
OSes  :   95, 98, NT4, 2000, XP | Flags  :   x86, ansi, binary, source

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