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plugin information

Title:Inno Setup Unpacker
Description:Stan-alone unpacker for the installers made with Inno Setup.
Total downloads:5346
Plugin homepage url:
Authors : Ariman
Categories : Arc, Addons, Arc.FMTmodule, Far 1.x, Far 2.x, x86, x64
Detailed description:Inno Setup is a popular program for making software installations. Unfortunately, it is one way - once made, there is no official method of getting the files from the self-extracting executable other than running it. One piece of software that addresses this issue is InstallExplorer, a plug-in for the FAR Manager that unpacks several types of installations, including those made by some older versions of Inno Setup (IS). It is no longer updated, and it does not work for IS versions 4.x. (

Far version:0.0.0
OSes  :   XP | Flags  :   x86, binary

Far version:0.0.0
OSes  :   XP | Flags  :   x86, source

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