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Description:Sets the value of an environment variable for any processes
Total downloads:2678
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Authors : Andrey Budko
Categories : OS/System, x86, Utils
Programming language : C/C++
Detailed description:SETENV variable[=string] [/PID processid ...] [/IM imagename ...]
                         [/P [depth]] [/V] [/W]

  Sets the value of an environment variable for any process or processes

Parameters list:
  variable   Specifies the environment-variable name.
  string     Specifies a series of characters to assign to the variable.
  processid  Specifies the process ID of the process.
  imagename  Specifies the image name of the process.
  /P depth   Specifies processing only chains of parental processes
             with optional limitation of depth.
  /V         Specifies that verbose information be displayed in the output.
  /U         Specifies that output to a pipe or file to be Unicode.
  /W         Specifies to wait for pressing any key after execution.

  Wildcards '*', '?' can be used to specify imagename and processid.

  SETENV TMP=c:\temp /IM Far.exe /PID 716 2???
  SETENV "path=%path%;d:\tools" /IM *

Far version:0.0.0
OSes  :   NT4, 2000, XP | Flags  :   x86, binary

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