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Description:This Far Manager plugin allows to browse and edit Windows Registry.
Total downloads:15341
Forum url:
Plugin homepage url:
Authors : Maxim Moysyuk
Categories : Far 1.x, Far 2.x, Far 3.x, x86, x64, Unicode, ANSI
Detailed description:Features

• x86/x64/Far1/Far2/Far3.

• Fast (optimized & cached), rescan registry only when changes occures.

• Works with real x64 registry from FAR x86 (x64/x86 view switching supported).

• Automatic refreshing of subkey descriptions on active and passive panels.

• Obvious display and editing of dword/qword values.

• Mnemo in command line plugin opening (REG2:HKCU\Software\Far2).

• C0 support (you may use same modes, as for col0 plugins).

• User-friendly export (F5). All selected keys and values will be written in one *.reg file. You may specify name of the result file.

• Valid data for values with real name "(Default)" (that is NOT key default value).

• Internal key shortcuts and Favorites from RegEdit.exe.

• Working with remote registry via network.

• Importing *.reg files from command line or 'enter in the archieve'.

• Creating new values (Shift-F4).

Far version:0.0.0
Flags  :   x86, x64, ansi, unicode, binary

Far version:3.0.4040
Flags  :   x86, x64, binary

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